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Weekly Wisdom Season 2

(Season 2: Episode 14: Child Participants) :
If you met someone who didn't want to come to Olivia's House, what would you tell them?
 (Season 2: Episode 13: Child Participants) :
What is one thing someone said or did for you since the death that was comforting?
(Season 2: Episode 12: Child Participants) :
What would you like your funeral to be like? 
(Season 2: Episode 11: Adult Participants) :
What is one thing your funeral director did right? 
(Season 2: Episode 10: Child Participants) :
What is a memory you have about them that you wish you could forget? 
(Season 2: Episode 9: Child Participants) :
What is one time you felt guilty regarding their death?
(Season 2: Episode 8: Companion Volunteers) :
What is one thing you learned from the children during this Hearts Can Heal program? 
(Season 2: Episode 7: Child Program Participants) :
What is one thing you want the next group of kids at Olivia's House to know?
 (Season 2: Episode 6: Child Program Participants) :
Do you ever have the feeling that your loved one's energy is connecting with you?
(Season 2: Episode 5: Child Program Participants) :
What would you do differently about your loved ones funeral?
(Season 2: Episode 4: Adult Program Participants) :
What was your first funeral home experience like as a child?
(Season 2: Episode 3: Child Program Participants) :
What is something of theirs you kept that is special to only you? 
(Season 2: Episode 2: Child Program Participants) :
What is a feeling you've had that you think NO ONE else has had regarding the loss?
(Season 2: Episode 1: Olivia's House Staff) :
What are you most looking forward to in the upcoming Hearts Can Heal program?