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Give Local York

On May 7, 2021, Olivia’s House will once again participate in Give Local York, the largest one-day social media driven fundraiser. York knows that our community must partner with the important social services provided by the multitude of non profit businesses in our county. During this special event last year, $35,029.81 was raised for Olivia’s House and we can proudly share that we were among the top twenty organizations receiving support.  Our community did not disappoint us when we asked them to help us continue providing our no cost services through their donations over that 24 hour period.

Do you want to GIVE LOCAL for Olivia’s HouseWould you like to help us to achieve our goal of being in the top 10 organizations receiving support? If the answer is yes, there are a few ways that can happen!  Let us help you get started.



Option 1: Donate on the day of Give Local York.


You can simply make a donation to Olivia’s House on May 7. Our Matching Sponsors will help to increase any donations Olivia’s House receives at the end of the 24-hour fundraising event. In addition, a percentage of every dollar raised will be matched by the stretch pool that has been created by Give Local York. The stretch pool makes sure that your donation has strength because it is money gifted to the event from area businesses, designed to “bolster” your gift! We hope you will ask your friends and family to log on to the Give Local York website to follow your lead and donate to Olivia’s House too! 



Option 2: Become an Olivia's House Champion.


If you are “social media savvy,” we would love for you to consider becoming a Champion for Olivia’s House by using your tech skills to support our mission. On May 7, using your social media contacts, drive everyone you know to your Champion page to give! It is easy to create your page and, most importantly, you get to share your loved one and our mission. It is quick, easy, and fun to do! 
As an Olivia’s House Champion you have an opportunity to hoist our famous Olivian Cup! If you are the highest earner on the day of the big give, your name will be permanently engraved on the Olivian Cups, which hold a special place at both grief centers. In 2020, our Olivia's House Champion was Jess Delp, who raised $795. 
When the page is available to create your personal Champion profile we will post the link here. 
Have fun and thank you from the bottom of our hearts! 
Each year, a class of five Olivia's House Champions will be selected who have agreed to lead our Give Local York efforts! The class is charged with modeling fundraising to create energy and enthusiasm! We look forward to announcing the Class of 2021 Olivia's House Champions soon. Because of Covid-19, our Champion Class of 2020 were unable to hold many of the events they had planned. We are honoring their commitment to our mission by holding them over for one more year to compete!  





Option 3: Sponsor the event.


As a Matching Sponsor, your company will receive benefits that underscore the importance of your role. If you or your business are interested in becoming a Matching Sponsor for Olivia’s House during Give Local York 2021, the sponsorship levels range from $500 - $5,000. Please contact Olivia’s House to receive more information.


Together with our Matching Sponsors and Champions, we hope to raise over $40,000 to benefit the children of Olivia’s House during the 24-hour online giving event. The best part is that all proceeds from Give Local York will benefit the programs and services of Olivia’s House.  Together, we will all hold a child’s heart in our hands!


Should you have any questions about the Give Local York 24-hour Day of Giving, please contact Olivia’s House at 717-699-1133.

Our Give Local York 2020 Sponsors 
Conewago Enterprises - $5,000 Matching Sponsor
Denise Potter - Financial Advisor RBC Wealth Management  - $2,000 Matching Sponsor
Garrety Glass Inc. - $2,000 Matching Sponsor
M&T Bank - $1,500 Matching Bank Sponsor
Bridget’s BeachHouse, LLC - $750 Matching Sponsor
 Color Wheel Inc. - $750 Matching Sponsor
 Devon Ellis - State Farm Agent - $750 Matching Sponsor
L2 Brands - $500 Matching Sponsor
Ox Industries - $500 Matching Sponsor
 Republic Services - $500 Matching Sponsor
Wetzel Funeral Home and Crematory - $500 Matching Sponsor
Wyndridge Farms - Event Sponsor