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Weekly Wisdom Season 1

(Season 1: Episode 8: Olivia's House Staff) :
What is one thing you learned while watching Weekly Wisdom?
(Season 1: Episode 7: Child Program Participants) :
How would you describe your eight weeks at Olivia's House?
(Season 1: Episode 6: Child Program Participants: Halloween Edition) :
What would you have changed about the way you found out your loved one died?
(Season 1: Episode 5: Child Program Participants) :
What is the most interesting thing you learned during our Funeral Home Field Trip? 
(Season 1: Episode 4: Adult Program Participants) :
What would you do differently regarding your funeral experience? 
(Season 1: Episode 3: Child Program Participants) :
What memory of your loved one are you afraid you will forget?
(Season 1: Episode 2: Child Program Participants) :
What is a feeling you've had that you were surprised by?
(Season 1: Episode 1: Companion Volunteer) :
What is one thing you have learned while at Olivia's House?