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Weekly Wisdom

Join Olivia's House Program Director, Julia Dunn, M.Ed., on our new web series that will air weekly during the Hearts Can Heal Programs. We will be asking the true experts to share their wisdom regarding life after loss.

(Season 1: Episode 8: Olivia's House Staff) :
What is one thing you learned while watching Weekly Wisdom?
(Season 1: Episode 7: Child Program Participants) :
How would you describe your eight weeks at Olivia's House?
(Season 1: Episode 6: Child Program Participants: Halloween Edition) :
What would you have changed about the way you found out your loved one died?
(Season 1: Episode 5: Child Program Participants) :
What is the most interesting thing you learned during our Funeral Home Field Trip? 
(Season 1: Episode 4: Adult Program Participants) :
What would you do differently regarding your funeral experience? 
(Season 1: Episode 3: Child Program Participants) :
What memory of your loved one are you afraid you will forget?
(Season 1: Episode 2: Child Program Participants) :
What is a feeling you've had that you were surprised by?
(Season 1: Episode 1: Companion Volunteer) :
What is one thing you have learned while at Olivia's House?