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Our Hanover Center

Olivia's House
Formerly the Bell Insurance building at 101 Baltimore Street, serves as the home of Olivia's House Hanover. The fifteen room facility serves to meet children's grief and loss needs in the greater Hanover community. 

The Welcoming Room
Designed to be "welcoming" to children, and lovingly gifted by the Dylan Lissette family in memory of Casey Sheridan, the Welcoming Room is the first room a child enters when visiting Olivia’s House. This large area is often the best place for our program ending “hand shake squeeze”. Our “Giving Tree” mural, designed and painted by Brett Greiman, reflects donors from the community who have made Olivia’s House possible.  

The Lending Library
The Michael and Jane Rice Lending Library boasts a very extensive collection of resources pertaining to grief and loss. From CDs and DVDs to books and magazines to classroom teaching units, the public is welcome to sign out materials for two weeks at a time.  The fireplace and comfortable sofa call everyone’s name to curl up and read one of the many wonderful books on the shelf!

The Family Room
Lovingly gifted by The Sweet Charities our Family Room is designed to remind all children that they are a part of a very large family. By having them sign their names in week seven of our program, on the picturesque mural painted by Brett Greiman, they officially become part owners of Olivia’s House.  This room offers our program team a special place to meet with families while learning about our many services.

The Serenity Garden
Our garden is designed to relax and welcome folks into the back of our center. It serves to provide a place for rituals to remember their loved ones. The bubbling fountain and children's rock garden all bring a sense of peace intended for each family. The garden was lovingly gifted by Lynn and Hannah Stambaugh in memory of husband and father, Dane.

The Miniature World
Designed to facilitate the grief work of young children whose vocabulary is limited, this beautiful room holds great energy! Decorated to resemble a “tree fort”, the miniature world, complete with two large sand trays, allows for young children as well as older ones to share their stories. This special one of a kind room, once a vault, was lovingly gifted by the Frank LeCrone Family.

The Café
The Café is a special place for the adults who accompany their children to our programs. Sponsored by the Pannebaker Funeral Home, Kristin and Mike Neumann have made it possible for everyone to enjoy a warm beverage, or a cold drink during the evening’s gathering.

The Creativity Suite
The Sweet Charities are the proud sponsors of our special art area for the older children in the program. It is a calm space complete with a computer and flat screen television wired to the internet. It functions as a creative space, complete with a closet of art supplies. It will also serve as a space for grief workshops and trainings for volunteers.

The Middle School Room
The farm mural painted by Charlotte Yealy, depicts the role horses play at Olivia’s House in creating a sense of safety and security after trauma! Our equine therapy work has shown great results with the many children who have participated. Our dear friend and former Vice President, Wendell LaPrairie's family gifted this room to Olivia's House in his memory. He will live on in the laughter that fills this room on program nights!

The Elementary Play Area
Equipped with grief-related toys and games, the play room serves our youngest mourners, whether they are preschool or elementary school age, and facilitates grief-work through play.  Whether they are enjoying the doll house or the fire house, all the children are able to share their grief stories with our staff.  The mural, painted by Dirk Shearer, is a favorite of the children. The Play Room was lovingly gifted by the Eckert and Noel Families.

The Elementary Art Area
Gifted by the D.J. Hart family in memory of his mother, this room is an extension of her life...Terry was an art teacher and more importantly, an artist. Her energy is part of this space with her favorite quote on the plaque that dedicates this room in her memory.

The Teen Suite
Designed to embrace the needs of grieving teens who are often up all hours of the night doing their grief work, we created a 24-hour diner themed room just for them!  A local hotspot, “The Tropical Treat” donated the hamburger sign hanging in the window to help them realize that their work is important and they need a special space.  The kitchen, complete with a coffee bar and refrigerator full of soda and snacks sets the tone for teen grief support!  The Teen Suite was loving gifted by the Don Smith Family.

The Art Hallway
Lovingly gifted by Dr John Hart in memory of his wife Terry.  As an art teacher, she was very aware of how art helped children deal with all of their emotions!

The Confessional
A fully equipped recording studio was designed to give all children a safe place to share their thoughts without anyone responding. The room is designed for the video Companion to know what is said, while giving the children permission to keep their thoughts private.  Learn more about The Confessional by clicking here. The Confessional was sponsored by Utz Quality Foods, Inc. in memory of the F.X. Rice Family.


The Giving Tree
Located in the welcoming room and painted by artist Bret Greiman, the Olivia's House Giving Tree demonstrates how generous our community has been to the mission of Olivia's House. Any individual or organization that makes a gift of $1,000 or more gets to select a leaf to have their name permanently displayed.

The Rice Family Foundation "Workshop" 

Influenced by the hard work that goes into reconstructing your life after experiencing death, The Workshop is our multi-purpose space. Capable of accommodating large groups, this space is used for

in-service trainings and community education. During our programs, the “pounding walls” are used for coping skills education, and when the garage door is open, we utilize The Workshop for various rituals in the Dane Stambaugh Serenity Garden. The imagery of the Bereavement Process adorns the walls of The Workshop to remind us of the natural process “built” into all of us!