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The 2018 Walk to Remember   
At the Walk to Remember it doesn't matter how far, fast or if you even walk at all... but that doesn't mean it isn't a race!?! Our teams work year long to raise funds in hopes to hoist our Olivian Cup as the top fundraising team. Each year our winning team is immortalized when their name is engraved permanently on the Olivian Cup. In 2017, "Madd Fit for Shawn" garnered our top spot by raising $9,755. Who will it be this year?!?
The race to the top is already underway. Please check in regularly to see where your team stands! There is still plenty of time to knock someone off the TEAM LEADER-BOARD.
***Active online donation links are available for any team that has successfully submitted their team registration Part 1 & Part 2.

The TEAM Leader-Board
as of 9/28/18
1: Memories in Motion
2: Madd Fit For Shawn
3: Carebear's Courage
4: Tyson Strong  
7: Team Walk & Roll
9: Absolutely Blue
15: Smiles for Brandy
15: Team Robinson
15: Team Stoner

Whether you are among the top teams on the TEAM LEADER-BOARD or not, you are still eligible to earn individual incentives. Exclusive incentives for the 2018 Walk to Remember include:
When you raise $100 you receive the Official 2018 Walk To Remember T-Shirt (new sport-wick style):
When you raise $250 you receive the Walk to Remember Team Frame :
When you raise $500 you receive the Olivia's House Stadium Package :